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The Dakota Series SURVIVALIST is specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast as an important part of your survival gear bag. If ever needed in an emergency situation, being able to snare for food is a must have for anyone in need. This package has the minimum for what you will need to catch most all small animals from rabbits to raccoons and any other larger animals that could help you in the field.

You will receive all of the following in this Dakota Series Package that will get you an important part of your survival gear bag for going afield. Check out all of our unique packages for all of your animal control needs. Proven products equals proven conservation.


  • 4 Small Rabbit / Squirrel Specific Snares
  • 4 Medium Territory Raccoon, Beaver, Fox Specific Snares
  • 4 Large Wild Hog / Larger Predator Snares

Small Specific Snares:
3/64" Cable & 30” in Length
Dakotaline Blackdog Lopro lock
Poly Support Collar
11 gauge swivel
Loaded for Speed

Medium Specific Snares:
48” of 7x7 w/ 3/32" Cable
Slim Lock
Poly Support Collar
Heavy 9 Gauge Swivel
Floating Deer Stop
Loaded For Speed

Large Specific Snares:
1/8", 7x7 Cable & 84” in Length
Mini Camlock 1/8"
Poly Support Collar
Floating Deer Stop
Adjustable Loop End
Loaded for Speed