The DAKOTA SERIES Showcase packages are FIVE specifically designed packages for a bunch of different situations that many of us have across the Country.  We offer specific Showcase packages for the Gardener with our GARDEN Package that will help those with their own gardens control those pesky critters that are always eating the fruits of your labor.  This is our TOP-Seller because of its ease of use.

We then offer the COYOTE Package that is specifically designed for the Hunter, Rancher and Land Owner that is trying to control these predators and become the Steward of their own land.  We have developed the SWINE Package for those in the South and beyond that have the Wild and Feral hogs problems by tearing up their land and property acres at a time. 

We also offer our YARD GUARD to help you as a homeowner control those rabbits, squirrels and other small varmints that seem to always be causing problems around homes across the nation.  We finish up our Showcase packages with the BUSHCRAFTER Package which is designed for the hikers, hunters and anyone else who goes afield to be prepared for anything that could arise where a need to fend for oneself could occur. 

Finishing off our showcase for the Rancher, Farmer and Homeowner ~ we offer the North American Trapper Vantage Air Rifle by Crosman® for all of the varmint needs that one may have as a property owner.  This Air Rifle will make one a good marksman as a squirrel hunter in the field as well.

All of the Dakota Series packages are top-shelf quality snaring products that will help you control these problems animals anywhere across the Country.  As always, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve your outdoor needs.